IoT workshop 17.03.2018

For Beginners in Hardware programming and advanced MicroPython programmers

  • You always wanted to play around with hardware and Python is your favourite programming language?
  • You are an advanced Python programmer and always wanted to use your programming skills to control real things?
  • You are a beginner with Python or programming in general and you like to learn new things hands-on?
  • You live in Berlin or are willing to travel there for the workshop?
  • You are a Pylady or want to become one?
If one or more of the above applies, you'll enjoy this workshop. Checkout out the blog post for detail to the material.

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Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT), MicroPython and hardware programming in general. Hands on exercises with the MicroPython Beginner Set. All workshop material can be found here: pyboard Docs The workshop will be led by Christine Spindler


Saturday 17th March, 10:00 - 18:00

ThoughtWorks, Zimmerstraße 23

10969 Berlin


The workshop and learning material are free of charge, but if you want to join the workshop, you will need to buy beforehand a pyboard lite with accelerometer and headers. Every additional hardware, that is needed for the workshop will be for free as well.

Only for women?

No the event is not only for women, but we value a lot diversity, so you will have to answer some questions in your application and we will try to achieve diversity in the audience as much as possible regarding gender, experience, age, etc.

How do I know if I am accepted?

You can apply for a spot now. A month before the workshop we will finalise the applications aiming in a diverse audience. In particualr we want to have 50% women and to achieve divesity in other areas too (age, level, ethnicity etc.).

Our Team

Christine Spindler


Meili Triantafyllidi


Ellen König



By sponsoring our event, you are not only promoting IoT development and diversity in tech, you can meet and talk to Python developers and IoT enthousiasts. This workshop is a great opportunity to present your company, products and services to an interested audience. We are looking for sponsors, that we can provide the hardware that is used in the workshop for free. Please get in touch for more information.

To become a sponsor contact

George Robotics Ltd

Specialising in embedded software and robotics. Developers of MicroPython.

Active Group GmbH
Python Software Verband

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